Hello Blogosphere!

Well now it’s official… I’m #justablogger too.

I am a mathematician by day, and a supporter of the movement for greater liberty and smaller government in the United States.  I have recently taken to Twitter ( @EricNumeric ) as a means of expressing these ideas, but not everything worth saying can be summarized in 140 characters.  By creating this blog, I will be “at liberty to say” what needs to be said, unconstrained by a character limit.  Yet Twitter is an important tool in its own way, so the @EricNumeric account will remain active for now.  I am not a high-volume tweeter; I try to make every word worth your time.

Over time I will certainly describe how I came to believe what I do about the role of government, and discuss some of the events and thinkers that influence my perspective.  But to write this narrative from start to finish would take dozens upon dozens of pages, so inevitably it must instead emerge in pieces as each piece becomes relevant.

Of course I am still learning and refining my viewpoint as I read and listen and observe.  At times I will share what I read and learn.  Likewise I will comment on current events.

If you choose to read the blog, you can expect intellectual honesty — everything I write is correct to the best of my knowledge.  When errors are made, I will do my best to correct them.  On the other hand, the purpose of this blog is NOT to argue with people.  I may or may not respond to comments, and this does not necessarily reflect my opinion of the comment.  Factual corrections (with proof) and polite discussions are welcome, regardless of whether I respond.  Vitriol and outright factual lies are subject to deletion.


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